Courtney received her portrait on Wednesday, she called last night and was almost speechless. They absolutely love your work, my niece said what a great artist you are, she pointed out to Courtney how to tell that when you look at the eyes. It's so nice to give a gift that is such a surprise. Thanks again for making all of us so happy. All the best to you.

Carol Lieber - Buffalo Grove, IL​

I wanted to take a few moments to send a letter of thanks to you for your beautiful portrait of Shamrock.  It's been a few years since you did it, but I wanted to let you know that we lost our Shamrock at the end of December this past year.  We had him for a marvelous 13 years and he truly was the light of our life.  It was a very painful loss, all the more because it was sudden and within a matter of three hours he was gone.  Every day we look at his portrait, which is hanging in the living room, and it has brought us both more comfort than you can imagine.  Your talents can compare to none, but I have to say, that the life you bring to your work is not only magnificent, but healing as well.  Every time I look at his portrait I think of you and am always wishing you well and saying a prayer of thanks to you.  You captured Shamrock perfectly.  I just wanted you to know what a special place you have in our home.   With hugs and sincere thanks,

Shannon Kelley - Rockford, IL​

Everyone loves the portrait of Boomerang and Sasha.  We are slowly adjusting to the loss of Boomerang but I know we will always keep all our pets in our hearts.  They were truly loved and they truly loved us and graced our lives with joy and devotion.  Our son had tears in his eyes when we gave him the portrait, and hung it right away in his office at home.  Thank you.  He especially mentioned how you got the eyes right.  They were his girls!  Thank you for your kind work for us.  Good luck with your shows and the exhibit at the new art center.  I'll be sure to take that in.  Love and prayers for your continued success.  Blessings to your family. 

Mary & Werner Schulze - Waukegan, IL ​

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I can't thank you enough for the beautiful portrait of my mother in law. We had it at the funeral reception yesterday and her friends and family were just speechless.  Everyone was amazed and touched that you completed such an amazing  work of art in just one day.  Thanks again, Wendy.  You are truly talented!!

Emily Palmieri - Libertyville, IL

It is fantastic!! I am so happy with the way it turned out. You are such a gifted artist. 

Dawn Secketa - Antioch, IL

Just had to let you know how much Mom and Dad loved their anniversary "then and now" portrait!  They had specified "no gifts" on the invitation, but thought that the portrait was exactly the right way to commemorate the occasion!  I have your brochure and will definitely recommend your portraits.  It was so fun and easy to do the whole thing over the Internet - isn't technology amazing?  Thanks again...

Diane Ruklic - Frankfort, IL

Getting my children's portraits drawn by Wendy was a great experience. I had several pictures for each child. (One picture had the hair that I wanted, one had the smile...) She is so talented and worked with me until I was 110% happy! I have hung my portrait in a special place in my home. I smile every time I walk by it. I was so pleased with my purchase that I even hugged Wendy before leaving her home. All of my future portraits will come from Wendy Zumpano!

Becky Jakubowski - Hainesville, IL​

Your portraits are proof positive that "the eyes are the window to the soul." When you put pencil to paper, nothing gets lost in translation. You are magnificent!  I look forward to seeing you at one of your future shows.

Tom Campbell - Wheeling, IL

Awesome !!!!  I am soooo excited!  I brought it in to work to show my co-workers.  They were VERY impressed.  I gave them your name and website.  I know that once Mike gets it framed, he will be taking into his office.  He has many people that come in and out of his office.  Wendy, thank you so much for your efforts.  I will take a picture of it after Mike opens it on Christmas and once he has it framed.

Connie Scott - Champaign, IL

Oh boy, did those portraits go over real well!!! I was sooooo excited.  My sisters loved the one of all four of us and, of course, my mom cried when she got it.  I think she absolutely loved it.  My sister-in-law cried as well when she saw the one of the two boys.  My mother-in-law loved it too.  My father-in-law said it was the best gift he's ever gotten.  You do such awesome work.  Thank you so much.  My sister brought her copy of the four of us to work and so many people asked her for your email address/website.  I hope this brings you more clients.  I'm already planning some more portraits and I know my mom wants one done of her and my dad.  Your portraits were a huge success.

Diane DeLuca - Grayslake, IL

I just want to say thank you for the drawing you did of Gideon. It is beautiful! I cried when Dallise gave it to us. We had a hard time trying to figure out where we wanted to hang it because it is so special but for now we decided to hang it in the nursery right over the crib. I love it there! Our little angel will be watching over all our other little ones to come as they sleep soundly. I spend much time in the nursery praying and I can't keep my eyes of the drawing it is so precious to us. Thank you so much and God bless.

Tarah Goodson

Hi Wendy, I wanted to let you know the picture was a hit ...   Matthew and Lindsay thought it was beautiful and especially liked that their blue/yellow wedding colors were there .. everyone said you are very talented ....  thanks so much and I hope to be able to have another drawing done in the future ...
Happy New Year  and many thanks,  

Nan Shabez, Benton, KY

I just wanted you to know that Kevin gave me the portrait Thursday when I got home from work. He was so excited he couldn't wait until Mother's Day. I loved it so much I cried. We already have it at the framers too. I took it to work on Friday and showed it to almost everyone there. I gave out your cards and some people wrote down your info. Hopefully some will use you in the future. Thank you again Wendy, it's beautiful!

Tracy Mullane - Bolingbrook, IL

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!  It's so beautiful.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  I would not change a thing.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you and your talent.  I have just forwarded your website to my friend.  My picture is almost a year old and I still love looking at it as if I picked it up yesterday and I will cherish it Always!!!!!  

Jodi Davis - Trevor, WI

You were a HUGE success at my sister's surprise birthday party.  She became emotional when she saw the protrait of all of her grandchildren. She felt you truly captured the personality of each child.  All of the other guests asked about you.  I handed out all of your cards and I could have used a lot more.  Great job!  But then I didn't expect you would do anything other than great. 

Wendy King -  Greenwood Village, CO

We purchased a great frame and hung our family portrait.  When our daughter Cheryl came home for a visit, she was so touched by the drawing, she cried.  She was happy to get the 8 x 10 version for her own.  Thank you again and look forward to seeing you at future art shows.

Mary Alice Graf - Chicago, IL

I hope you had a great Mothers day. My wife was absolutely surprised and amazed by the portrait of our children. It made her day even more special.

Tom Stirparo - Wilmington, DE

I wanted to let you know a little about the timeliness of your finished work - and why I haven’t written previously.  You completed the portrait and packages for us on Saturday, February 22nd, and that afternoon we were able to deliver the packages to his folks and his sister -- just one Saturday later, on March 1st, Debbie’s husband Dick, passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly.  It was a true shock to all of us and it is still hard to comprehend.  Debbie called us early in the morning from the hospital in critical care and they were rushing him to surgery, but the damage from a heart attack was too significant.  
Later that weekend, our daughter Rebecca took a picture of the pencil portrait and posted it on Facebook with a comment “The family Christmas present could not have come at a better time. Love the pencil drawing of both families on my dad's side :)” 
Debbie commented that she was so glad that Dick had a chance to see the finished portrait and was able to enjoy it for even a short time, Shelly’s Jeff commented he thinks he looks like a movie star, and everyone loves Olivia.  And Jeff’s parents -- absolutely awesome.  I also personally love that you left them in their formal attire and took the ties of the other guys!  His folks are the true center of the portrait.  
I look often at the picture of all of us and think how we could never have accomplished it with a photo sitting -- and look at the 8x10 of the five of us and think “Wow, we actually make a pretty good looking family” - again, you can’t get everyone in a single picture ever looking that good.
So, thank you again for your hard work and patience with us and the pictures.  We will always be grateful that it was completed when it was.  

Lynne Schwartz, St Charles, IL

Lauren and Jack's picture was a HUGE hit.  They loved it so much, they brought it to their rehearsal dinner the night before they were married and had it set up on a table as you entered the room. My Mom totally loved the drawing of her and my Dad.  Of course she cried, but she was so touched and thrilled by it. So many people who have seen your drawings have asked me for your web site, which I have passed on.  Much thanks for making my gifts so perfect!

Colleen Treiling - Glenmont, NY

Wendy, being able to accomplish the drawing of my boys all via email (due to our overseas assignment) in such a short time was great and the drawing was a huge hit with the grandparents and our friends.  It certainly made the world feel a bit smaller this far away from home.  We are looking forward to sharing the drawing with everyone in our Christmas cards this Christmas!

E. Herring - Antwerp, Belgium

I just had to tell you once again, what a great job you did on the picture.  My Parents LOVED it !!  They were so surprised, and said it looked just like their old house!  Thanks again!

Kelly Abbate - West Dundee, IL​

I just returned from an out of town adventure and headed straight to the post office to pick up your package. The portrait is wonderful! You captured our dog Nilla's spirit and brightness! My husband will be so unexpected Christmas surprise is always the best.
The additional cards were such an unexpected treat. I will be sending notes over the holidays and singing your praises to my friends!!
Thanks again,

Ann Lackie, Huntersville, NC

My parents loved the portrait (along with everyone else that has had the chance to see it).  I think my mom was a little bit in shock when she opened it.  It was something they weren't expecting and they just couldn't believe how accurate all the details were.  It was just beautiful!  I'm so glad I ran into your booth at the craft show, it made my search for the perfect anniversary gift very easy!  I'm amazed that you were able to do such a beautiful job in such short notice.  You are a truly gifted artist.  PS - See my mom's email to me below...
     Thanks Becky.  I brought the picture to work today to show everyone.  They are as blown away as we were.  I can't stop looking at it and thinking about it.  It is such a wonderful gift!  Thanks to both you and Jason.  Seeing that I have never been able to find our original framed wedding picture, this means so very much.  It's even better, being an original pencil drawing and representing then and now.  I can't thank you, Greg and Jason enough.  I am still just blown away! - Mom

Rebecca Dickeson - Volo, IL

Words cannot even describe the portrait you created.  I was absolutely speechless when I looked at it - big tears came to my eyes too - my little baby isn't a baby anymore!  You captured absolutely everything about her; I wouldn't change one thing.  How lucky we were to have met you that day at the craft fair.  Thank you so much; you are so very talented.  I just can't stop looking at her portrait - it is just incredible!

Lara Pensy - Naperville, IL

I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing portrait of my father.  It is very comforting to have his portrait in my home.  When I go up to visit my mom in Wisconsin, he’ll stay there and keep her company.  They were married almost 54 years and maybe it will ease her loss.  At the Mass and the restaurant afterwards,  many people paid compliments and had nice things to say about it.  The use of shadows and shading, the detail, the eyes have such depth and the face exudes light.  My mother was moved to tears when she first saw it.  “It’s so lifelike, your father would have loved it,” she said.  Thank you!  You have an amazing gift that brings joy to people when they view your work.  

Jeanne Valenta - Chicago, IL

I just got the portrait. LOVE IT, LOVE IT,  LOVE IT!  I can assure you my parents are going to flip when they get this for Xmas.  Thank you so much for helping me give something so special to my folks.  I'll be framing one of the copies for myself, so I feel like I got two gifts in one.  Thanks for everything!  I had a lot of fun with this project.  You are a true artist.   

Angie Krietz - Chicago, IL

The finished portrait is absolutely amazing.  At a large gathering, we presented the portrait to my daughter and her husband.  They are thrilled and will be contracting you about using the portrait.  Also, I gave out all your cards so don't be surprised if you are contacted.  You really captured the spirit and quirkiness of the grandkids, it makes me smile each time I see it.  You are a truly gifted person.  Thank you so much for your help and flexibility, the picture will be a family treasure for years to come.

Kate Ryan - Minneapolis, MN  

Wendy drew a beautiful portrait of my Mother-in-law and her closest coworkers as a retirement gift that I had chosen for her.  I have given many gifts over the years, but none as special as the portrait created by Wendy.  My Mother-in-law was touched to receive such a personal and meaningful gift. A portrait by Wendy is truly a gift to both the giver and receiver as it just as exciting to give this unique gift as it is to receive it.  Wendy is a talented artist who creates beautiful portraits.  She is wonderful to work with and is very open to her client's suggestions.  I would recommend Wendy to anyone with great enthusiasm.  I could not be happier with my portrait.  Thanks again Wendy!   

Dawn Ries - Libertyville, IL​

Whatever you've heard so far, Joanna's mother enjoyed and appreciated your portrait a hundred times more.  She had put a "family portrait" on her Christmas list last year, but no one seems to be able to make the time to get together.  That includes my family because it is a 5-6 hour drive for us from Iowa to Illinois.  She truly enjoyed the portrait and later in the week when the two of us were alone, she made it clear that it was a very special gift for her.  One, because it was the portrait of her whole immediate family she had wanted and two, because of the thought and work that was put into it.  She set it on a dresser in the hallway of her cabin and told me that she had to stop, look at it, and smile everytime she passed by it.  For my part, I was amazed at how the final product turned out.  Not that I had my doubts - I had visited your website and had seen your examples.  I am not lying when I tell you that of the three or four other webites I visited, your examples were far and beyond the best.  The amount of detail and work you put into the portrait made me feel that you truly cared about your work.  Not just because it is your work, but because you understand how important these types of gifts are to the recipient.  For me the proof is in how spectacular the portrait turned out.  Thank you very much for all your hard work with how the portrait turned out, the timing in getting it to us before we left on vacation, and for making me a hero in my wife's and mother-in-law's eyes.  Your friend, Raul

Raul & Joanna Gloria - Ankeny, IA

We just opened the Father's Day gift from our son and daughter-in-law.  You had sent it priority mail so that it arrived yesterday, but we had been requested to wait for the phone call from our son before opening.  What a spectacular gift!  You have captured the essence of the grandkids and the drawing is perfect, right down to the tousled head of the youngest.  Their personalities jump right out of the drawing.  You will have our highest recommendations!

Roy and Mary Herring​

I have to tell you how many compliments we got on our Christmas cards this year.  Everybody loved it and we had more than a few people tell us it was their favorite card ever and what a unique idea.  Thank you and Happy 2009! 

Laurie Harris - Buffalo Grove, IL

I have to let you know how very satisfied we were with the finished drawing.  It is absolutely beautiful.  You have captured everyone perfectly.  Our son Vic thought it was just great!   He was so glad we had that extra copy for the Funeral Home.  Just think how may people are going to see your work.  Thanks again for all you did the results were wonderful.  

Tom & Adrienne Garry - Bancroft, IA

I cannot tell you how much we love the picture you drew of our daughter; you really captured Elly.  We all love it; especially my mother (I gave her one of the copies - the other is in my office).  Thank you so much.  I love the wall w/the three generations of grandma, mom, & daugher are displayed.  My friends are just amazed.  Someday when my daughter goes in a group home she plans on hanging these pictures on her wall. 

Margaret Roberts, Schaumburg, IL

Wendy, you are a top-notch, talented artist.  I love how you took several photos of my kids and puppy and combined them into the most prized piece of artwork we own.  The drawing captured a very true-to-life snapshot in their lives.  It is just gorgeous and amazing.  I appreciated that you kept in regular contact with us during the process.  You were fast and punctual, not only delivering on time, but in my case - earlier!  Your portraits are a treasure to pass down through the generations.  Anyone I send to you will be highly satisfied. 

S. Seeger - Mundelein, IL​

Thank you for accepting the challenge from St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Barrington to do a composite for our pastor who retired this past July. It was not an easy assignment and you did fullfill our challenge with flying colors (literally by accenting the picture with color).  The committee was pleased and the picture was received very warmly by every one who saw it. We have a copy of the picture hanging in the hallway by the church office. It was not easy getting all the pictures together but once that happened you completed the composite quickly.  Thank you for a job well done.

Darlene Moslander, President of St. Matthew altar Guild

Just wanted to say Thank You again for the great home portrait you did for our neighbors, they just love it!  We were not even aware that they have some pencil portrait of other homes they have lived in, in their home in Germany, so this one will be a perfect addition.  You were great to work with, and I was very pleased.  Keep in touch and I shall also.

Margo Rogers - Libertyville, IL

You made my first anniversary very special, everyoone loved the portrait and even liked the little business cards that they were able to take with our picture on it.  Thanks so much for turning it around so quickly. I think it looks great.  Thank you so much for the fast turn around time. You are a lifesaver.  Talk to you soon about Christmas presents.

Tiffany Kolar - Warrenville, IL​

I just wanted to let you know that I got the portrait and we gave it to 
our parents on Thursday night at dinner.  They cried!  They loved it
so much.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job.  All of my
siblings were equally as happy.  You really are a great artist.  Once the
baby is born in October - we will send it back to you so he/she will be added.
I will be in contact soon regarding another portrait for my in-laws.  Thanks again!

Brooke Collins - Deerfield, IL

Each year, our committee must raise money for the performance events for the Dalmatian Club of America.  I look for artists that will be able to capture the Dalmatian in work.  The first year that I was in charge, I saw some of your work and I was impressed with the quality.  When I received the prints, I was not disappointed.  The print met and exceeded my expectations.  The 2006 performance fund had a record year of raising money.  We also set a record on the number of prints that we sold.  The print and t-shirt allowed us to bring much needed attention to the DCA Nationals.  For the first year the performance events were able to pay for themselves.  We look forward to a successful year.  Thank you for setting the standard for the performance print. 

Gayle C. Riggins - King, North Carolina

I received the portrait and it is truly beautiful.  I wanted to give it to my mom right away!!  Thanks for your hard work on it.  I knew for a fact that it would be my mom's favorite gift EVER b/c it has all her grandkids in it.  My mom cried....knew she would!!!  She also brought it to a dinner party to show all of her friends.  She says it is the most special gift she has ever received!!

Genevieve Culhane, Glen Ellyn IL

Thank you for your wonderful work and talent on the portrait of Isaac and his grandfathers.  We're using it on 15 special Bar Mitzvah invitations and on the invitation to Sabbath dinner at our home before services.  All those people will know who the older men in the picture are.  A matter of pleasure and joy and pride to us all!

Sybil Mervis - Danville, IL

I love the portrait of my wife and our puppy! It looks fantastic!!!!!  I'm getting a tremendous amount of compliments on the portrait! 

Bill Mooney - Bancroft, IA

Wendy, I spent Christmas day with my niece and nephew.  As usual, they got way too much including an Iphone5 and an electric bass guitar.  But those gifts paled in comparison to the hit of the day, the portrait you drew of their mother with them.  They were just speechless and couldn't take their eyes off it!  Truly the best present ever!  Nary a dry eye in the room. I told them we would do it again in a couple of years. Thank you again for your patience and talent!  I wish you and your family much joy and good fortune in the upcoming year!  I hope we will meet in person some day soon!  I posted these comments to your blog as well!

Becky Bibro, Frankfort, KY

I just had to thank you again for the beautiful drawings you did of my three grandsons.  As you know, my husband and I were very excited to give these as gifts to our daughter and daughter-in-law for Mother's Day.  They both were speechless, and tears came to their eyes.....and mine.  They LOVED the portraits!  They were amazed, as was I, at your incredible talent and how you captured the children's faces and personalities with such perfection.  I was asked to please make this a tradition with each new child that is brought into our family.  You have been blessed with a special gift, which brings much happiness to so many others.  You were a joy to work with, Wendy.  Thank you so very much!  

Jackie Hanson - Downers Grove, IL

Mom and Dad loved the portrait!  It was really a great evening for all of us and they were truly surprised and pleased.  Mom thanks me each time I've spoken to her and is going to write to several relatives this week just to show them the cards.  And you were not kidding about the original -- while the scanned copies sent via email were great to preview, the original was better than I had hoped.  Dad's eyes twinkled and Mom's natural beauty shone through.  Dad even held a magnifying glass up to it, amazed how each stroke of the pencil was perfectly placed.  We're all very pleased.  Thank you so much for your hard work and for being so flexible in working with us.  You have been blessed with a wonderful talent and have found a very creative way of exhibiting it.  You have an amazing future!

Rhonda Jablonski - McHenry, IL

They loved the portrait.  It's in the dining room already.  My mom cried for an hour! It was really a perfect gift for them! 

Janet Nielsen - Oak Park, IL

Honest to God---the day that everyone received my Christmas cards----there were 56----yes 56!!!!  messages on my answering machine when I got home--all saying how unique and awesome my Christmas cards were! Thank you, you did a really good job!!!  

Kelly Klein - Ingleside, IL

Thought you'd appreciate knowing my mom and dad LOVED the portrait of my brother, sister and me.  Mom opened it, dad was sleeping.  Her mouth literally dropped open; her hand came up to cover her mouth--as if she were screaming.  She started to cry. She held the portrait to her check while hugging me and saying "Oh, honey....!" I have never seen her act that way I think she likes it.  Thank you SOOOOO much!

Kim Traxler - Arlington Heights, IL

I just wanted to tell you how touched everyone was by your beautiful portrait of Grandpa.  The portrait and your prayer cards were "the talk" of the funeral.  Rose was especially touched.  Wally said he wanted to hang it up at work cause Grandpa looked like a "Chairman of the Board".  He looked so healthy and happy and alive in the picture, just as he should.  Thank you. 

Vicki Doctor - Grayslake, IL​

I wanted to take this time again to thank you for the beautiful portrait of my munchkins.  I had the portrait lying flat on the floor of my car yesterday when I was driving home from your home and I couldn’t stop smiling at it. Thank you for that!  I’m surprised I didn’t get in an accident from staring at the picture so much. LOL    You really do have quite a gift!  I am excited to see what my husband thinks of the portrait.  I will definitely let you know when we get back from our trip.  Also, I forgot that you were going to post the portrait of my dogs on FB, so last night when I was on FB I saw the portrait and it once again it made me smile.  I really wanted to show my husband, but I didn’t.  I also liked what you said about us and our pets and about Anabel.  It really was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.  I look forward to having you draw more things for us, and I will tell both my family and friends about you.

Arlene Mazurek, Wadsworth, IL

I think you do outstanding work.  You have a wonderful gift and you gave me the most beautiful one by drawing all three of my kitties together which I didn't think was possible.  The portrait of Kitty, Megan and Romeo will always remain my very favorite.  You have brought joy back into my heart since Kitty passed away which I never thought would happen to me.  You do very detailed work that really makes the portraits come alive.  I would definitely have another portrait done in the future. 

Theresa Bruhmuller - Lockport, IL

I wanted to let you know that my magical box arrived at work and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH MY PICTURES!!! The portraits are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  You definitely have some huge fans and I know of at least one of my friends who's thinking of having a portrait done. I, naturally, started to cry when I saw Shammy's picture.  He looks all warm and fluffy and the framing is just gorgeous.  I know my husband is going to melt like butter when he sees it.  I'm so excited to give it to him for Christmas.  If there's one thing that brings a tear to his eye (besides a Chicago Bears' loss) is  his little buddy boy.  And Kristy and Andy will be floored when they see theirs--you captured their eyes perfectly!  I cannot thank you enough for doing these so quickly and so beautifully.  I can't wait for everyone I know to see your work and I just know they will send business your way. I'm just thrilled to pieces and I cannot begin to express how much I think of your artistry and talent.  And you are such a sweetheart too and have made this SO much fun for me!  I look so forward to the day we can meet in person.  I'll definitely keep my ears and eyes open regarding craft shows going on locally.  Thank you again for your beautiful work Wendy!  I'm just beaming since getting your emails.  I cannot wait to present these for Christmas!!! 

Shannon Kelley - Rockford, IL

Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow for a 10 day Hawaiian cruise.  I will give them the picture soon after they get back and get settled.  I can't wait to give it to them.  It will be a nice finish to a wonderful celebration.  Just so you know... I hope our paths will cross again.  Every time I 
see that picture of Mom and Dad, I will think of you with admiration, gratitude and friendship and how your talent has touched our lives.  
May God keep you and your family always in his care.

Denise Steck - Round Lake, IL

We have had an overwhelming response to the baby announcements! Everybody LOVES them and compliments us on such a unique way of showing off our boys. A number of people asked about you and said they were interested in doing something with you at some point. Thanks again for such beautiful work, attention to detail and being so darn easy to work with.  We really loved your professional eye in helping to make the picture even more attractive with some enhancements, and the quick turnaround you had with the original layout, edits, and final pencil drawing. It was such a pleasant experience to work with you - we hope to do it again ourselves!  

Jerri & Daryl Gapastione - Lombard, IL

I have just received the lovely drawing of my puppies, it is absolutely amazing and I love it.  It is exactly as I wished, conjuring up fond memories of the time we spent playing up by the tree.  The grass you thought would be helpful to add just sets it off you are so right! Thank you so much Wendy I am really thrilled. I have more puppies due early September-not too many I hope and then I can get you to draw them again!!!!!!!!!!!

Alison Burgess - Sussex, England

Just thought you would like to know that I gave Matt and Katie their portrait of the view out their window of the Chicago River today. They absolutely loved  it. Matt couldn't take his eyes off of it. Katie was amazed at the detail and was glad you left out the construction. They both really keep saying that the view will soon be forever changed and this will keep the memory of what they have now fresh in their minds. "We will always have this to remember where we lived when we started out together."  They kept picking out different parts of it,and saying things like "look see that, oh my goodness how did she do this off that little picture!" They were just amazed with you work, and talent. Matt and Katie also really appreciated the note cards. You are amazing. They were very happy.  They spent part of the evening just comparing the portrait to the actual view and were just astounded at the quality of your work. They are going to want you to chronicle the remainder of their residences for them as they progress along life's road!

Pat Frost, Woodridge, IL

I just want to thank you again for the beautiful drawing you did for me.  I love to brag about it!  Most of the time I stare at it in awe, and not because of my girls, but because of your attention to detail.   I am so jealous of your talent and your love for it… you make me feel like your friend rather than your client.  I am looking forward to having another one done again soon.  Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the art shows!   

Sandy Smith - Twin Lakes, WI

Wendy created a whole family portrait as Christmas gift for my parents.  Since my family is so large, and we have so many different age levels of grandkids, it has been impossible for everyone to sit down for a family picture portait.  Wendy's artistic talents were put to use to make a wonderful, sentimental masterpiece.  She took time with each individual family to create, from all separate photos, a portrait of each family.  Then she put all of my parents' five children and their individual  families portraits together to make one large portait.  She has given my family a priceless gift.  When my parents were surprised at Christmas with Wendy's talent, they were in shock!  She captured each person's inner self in the portrait and my parents were amazed.  No words can express how much that portrait means to our family!  Thank you, Wendy for our personal work of art!

Julie Schoenherr - Gurnee, IL

SHE LOVED IT!  It is proudly hanging in our living room where it has become a focal point.  Anyone who sees it for the first time is literally blown away by it.  People immediately mention how wonderfully you captured their smiles.  The children themselves often stop and admire it!  Best of luck--you have a very special talent. Thank you so much for doing the portrait--it is beautiful.  

John Sroka - Illinois

I am very impressed with your work and how easy it was, too!  I just sent you 3 pictures - one for each of my sons via email and you got to work!  You put the 3 images together seamlessly, as if they had posed for a group picture.  I liked that you were able to send me the images for me to view as you were completing the portrait.  We love our portrait.  It was a gift for the grandparents, but we had to get a copy for ourselves as well.  We've had so many compliments on the portrait.  We can't wait to have another one done and would highly recommend your work!

Anna Clausen - Mundelein, IL​

I cannot tell you how happy I was to see the portrait of Jacob and Jack on Fathers day.  You are truely talented and you continue to amaze me with your work. I always have your work hanging in my cube and people constantly ask me where and how to get them.  I have no problems telling them that it was your talent that made these happen.  Please don't ever get discouraged, let me know if there is anything I can do to send you more business in your times of need. Your best FAN!   Thanks again, I am truely amazed and this brought a tear to my eye. 

Kenneth Kolk - McHenry, IL


Jay Zvizdic - Skokie, IL

When we met you at a craft fair in Crystal Lake IL, my wife and I realized at this fair that your work stood out among all of the others.  We took your card, placed our order and when we received the finished product we were astounded by the results.  I have seen similar work from other people and I can tell you that there is no comparison, Wendy, you stand alone.  I have told everyone I can about you and your work, even perfect strangers! 

Ken Kolk - Crystal Lake, IL

Just a quick note to tell you that we gave the picture to my dad tonight, and his reaction was all that we hoped for and more. It was a tremendous success. He loves it, everyone loves it.  I showed the copy to some of my friends at work and they were floored. They were talking about their desire to do something like that for various occasions.  I don't know if they will act on it, but I hope you get some business from them. Anyway, I will be in touch soon when I get some of our other pictures together for our own portrait. Thanks for everything. 

Randi Gideon - Skokie, IL​

Wendy, my wife simply loved the portrait!  I quote, ”This is the best Mother’s Day gift I ever received”!  Thank you again.

Andy Konopka - Addison, IL

Follow Me

Thank you so much for doing the picture of my mother so quickly to surprise her for a 75th birthday gift.  I'd like to thank you as well for the incredible portrait you did of our grandmother, Helen.  How you captured her spirit and nuances without ever having met her is amazing to me.  You have a very special, wonderful gift.  Again, all our thanks!   We have had an overwhelming response to the baby announcements! Everybody LOVES them and compliments us on such a unique way of showing off our boys. A number of people asked about you and said they were interested in doing something with you at some point. Thanks again for such beautiful work, attention to detail and being so darn easy to work with.  We really loved your professional eye in helping to make the picture even more attractive with some enhancements, and the quick turnaround you had with the original layout, edits, and final pencil drawing. It was such a pleasant experience to work with you - we hope to do it again ourselves!  

Kathy Early - Radnor, PA

Just a note to say thank-you for a beautiful portrait of our whole family. When I was looking for an artist to do a composite of all of us  there were some that could do people, others were better at pets and many were rather expensive. I knew my commission would be a challenge since it involved 4 people , 5 cats and 2 dogs. You handled it really well and worked with me to get the layout and expressions on everyone that I wanted.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of ‘getting it together’ as much as everyone has admired the finished product. Not just nice work but nice value too.  

Gary Kitchener - Ontario, Canada

Wendy, your artwork is truly amazing!  I was overwhelmed and thrilled with the drawings you did of my three grandsons.  You captured their personalities perfectly.  I was moved to tears when I saw it!  (And the fact that my husband who’d usually give me a card – if I was lucky – on our 44th anniversary had the foresight to think of this and found YOU to do it!!!)  I will definitely pass the word around of your talent and services.  And again, I thank you very much.  Your talent is awesome. 

Bobbie Bareham - Waynesboro, Virginia


Since 1990, I've had the joy of drawing for hundreds of old friends and new friends.  The portraits I've drawn for each client are meaningful in different ways and every project has had a special story, whether the portrait has included loved ones who are no longer with us, people who can't always be together or just precious images without all the distracting background and colors that compete for attention in a photograph. 

Here is some of the feedback I've received...  If you'd like to hear more about my wonderful clients and my adventures as an artist, please see my blog at

Just a sample of the reactions to your work on Stephen's Graduation Invitation: 
• "Love, love, love the invite!" 
• "Cried when I opened it!" 
• "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!" 
• "Oh, my God!  This is stunning!" 
• "How did you DO this??" 
• "Sooo handsome!"
And of course, EVERYONE wants to know:  "WHO DID THIS???"  eferring everyone to the back of your card, and to your Facebook page.  Thank you my's been the talk of the town! 

Maureen Cobas, Pomona, CA